3 Simple Steps to Rank your Intellectual Property Law Firm Higher on Google Search

3 Simple Steps to Rank your Intellectual Property Law Firm Higher on Google Search

It goes without saying that almost all customers of the modern world search for products and services online. This presents an opportunity for businesses and service providers to establish an online presence that will allow them to be easily found by their potential customers. However, with the many competing players on every market, there are certain strategies that make businesses more likely to be found on a local Google search. These search engine optimization (SEO) practices will make your intellectual property law firm rank higher on Google search results.

  • Pay Extra Attention to your Google My Business Listing

In a couple of our previous articles, we talked about Why Your Intellectual Property Law Firm Needs a Google My Business Listing and How to Set Up the Listing Step by Step. The importance of Google My Business lies in the possibilities that it provides vis-à-vis the control of your intellectual property law firm’s online presence. It allows you to present your services to potential customers who search for them and enable them to learn more about you and contact you easily. Of course, you need to provide accurate details about your law firm and verify them. By doing that, Google makes sure that your business is legit and trustworthy and therefore, recommends it to local searchers.

  • Use Keywords

Keywords are simply the most used terms and phrases that searchers use in the Google Search box. As soon as a searcher types what they’re looking for and hits “enter”, Google compares the searched words with its index to present results that contain the words searched for.

The page ranking in the Google search results depends on many factors but when it comes to keywords, for a page to appear in the first Google search results, it has to contain the relevant keywords in the right places.

There are many ways to find the most relevant keywords for your intellectual property law firm and the services you present and we will dedicate an article that explains how you can search for keywords and where to put them.

  • Get Social Media on Your Side

A good social media presence will help your intellectual property law firm listing appear higher on Google search results. Of course, this is in addition to the pre-existing value of social media platforms in helping you establish your brand and communicate better with your existing and potential clients. The most widespread social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ can help you share your Google My Business posts, spread your services, and gain more traffic to your website. Google My Business will even help you in this regard by many things like providing short shortened links that are easier to share.


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