5 Necessary Pages that Every Intellectual Property Law Firm Should Have on Their Website

5 Necessary Pages that Every Intellectual Property Law Firm Should Have on Their Website

You have just established a website for your intellectual property law firm; you got the domain you wanted and paid for the hosting and completed the design of the website. Then, only the content was left to fill your website pages with. Here, like many business owners and content creators do, you will ask “okay, now that the website is ready, are there any pages that I have to create? and what should I fill them with?”

In this article, we will cover these pages and list the details that have to be included and why they are important.

About Us Page

Any visitor that checks your intellectual property law firm’s website will want to learn more about you; who you are? Who is behind the firm, and why you? And not any other intellectual property law firm out there. This page is an opportunity to make visitors learn more about you and what you have to offer.

On this page, you can include a brief overview of your law firm and the people behind it (you can include their pictures too). You can always include your law firm’s achievements and most notable clients.


This page is self-explanatory and on it, you can explore the services your intellectual property law firm provides. If there are too many services to list on one page, you can divide them into separate sections and in every section, you can list the relative services you offer. Make sure to include links that direct visitors to other pages that are more detailed and informative.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to connect with your potential clients; you don’t necessarily have to sell them a service. The fact that they are on your website means that they have a problem and they are seeking an intellectual property law firm for a solution.

In this context, you need to decide the most frequently asked questions about your services and you as a law firm and provide answers to them. Providing real value on this page will make the potential client appreciate your efforts and it will also save you time. Instead of answering a phone call or an email, the frequently asked questions page can do a tremendous job for you.


People are influenced by other people and dedicating a page to testimonials from your happy clients will boost your website visitors’ trust in you. So, reach out to your happy clients and ask them to send you authentic testimonials about their experience with your intellectual property law firm.

Contact Us

On this page, you can include all the possible ways through which a potential client can reach you. Make it easier for them to contact you and meet you. Include the most updated phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, and locations. This page can also include your business hours and when clients can expect to reach you.

On the contact us page, you can also include a contact form through which potential clients can ask for specific services and inquiries.


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