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5 Necessary Pages that Every Intellectual Property Law Firm Should Have on Their Website

You have just established a website for your intellectual property law firm; you got the domain you wanted and paid for the hosting and completed the design of the website.

How to Make an Intellectual Property Law Firm Found Easily on Google

There is no product or service today that isn’t searched for on Google. People are no longer using yellow pages and now, algorithms decide who is found first. Today, it’s

How to Make your Intellectual Property Law Firm’s Website Rank Higher on Google

Business owners, marketers, and content creators are in a never-ending competition to rank higher than the competition on Google search results. This competitiveness gets tighter and tighter with the number

How Intellectual Property Law Firms Should Manage Local Reviews

Online reviews play an instrumental role in every business’s online presence; including intellectual property law firms. People influence each other and a tangible positive collaboration with a client would certainly

How Intellectual Property Law Firms can Reach More Clients through their Online Presence

As we highlighted in our previous articles, Intellectual Property or IP refers to everything that you create from scratch with your own mind. That is why scientific inventions, artworks, literary

3 Simple Steps to Rank your Intellectual Property Law Firm Higher on Google Search

It goes without saying that almost all customers of the modern world search for products and services online. This presents an opportunity for businesses and service providers to establish an

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