How to Make an Intellectual Property Law Firm Found Easily on Google

How to Make an Intellectual Property Law Firm Found Easily on Google

There is no product or service today that isn’t searched for on Google. People are no longer using yellow pages and now, algorithms decide who is found first. Today, it’s every business’ goal to be found first on Google and for that purpose, everyone is doing everything they can to get Google algorithms on their side.

In this article, we will explore the most fundamental elements that will help your intellectual property law firm rank higher on Google Search.

Make your Research and Select your Keywords

Before choosing which keywords to integrate on your website, listing, and any form of online content, you need to ask yourself which questions you want your Google listing to answer. For example, if you’re based in Manhattan, New York, then you will want to be found for search inquiries such as “Intellectual Property Law firm in Manhattan” or “copyright lawyer in Manhattan”.

Every page on your website should include a group of keywords that you’re sure will help potential clients find you better.

Don’t Make THAT Mistake

Keywords are probably the most important element in your efforts to rank higher on Google Search. Most people make the mistake of inserting as many keywords as possible in a way that makes their content weak and robotic. This is wrong and doesn’t work anymore; Google has developed its algorithms to detect keyword stuffing and “punish” the websites using it.

Instead, think about the value you want to provide your potential client with. It’s not only about the service that your intellectual property law firm will provide but also about the problem that led people to look for you. Providing insights about intellectual property law, procedures, facts…etc. will keep people on your pages and Google notices that.

People Need to Know Where you Are

As mentioned, location-based queries are another way to rank on the first page of Google Search. You need to make sure you include the location(s) of your intellectual property law firm, whether by mentioning the city/town/geographical area. This will allow Google to match the inquiry for your services and your location with the content stating these details on your website.

Make your Website Visitor-Centered

This is simple; unresponsive websites never make it on the first page of Google. Therefore, you need to keep mobile users in mind when creating a website for your intellectual property law firm. This is also important because today, people search for local businesses through their phones more than any other device.

The second important element of user experience is having a website with an intuitive menu and clear CTAs. Your visitors need to find the information they’re looking for and if they don’t, they need to see a clear layout that will lead them to the page that contains it.


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