Setting Up Your Intellectual Property Law Firm’s Google My Business Listing (Step by Step)

Setting Up Your Intellectual Property Law Firm’s Google My Business Listing (Step by Step)

Like every business, an intellectual property law firm needs to start establishing its online presence by creating a Google My Business profile as it will make a huge difference in local SEO. This step is probably the simplest one as all the other in-depth strategies and local search tricks require a listing to start with.
Please note that creating a Google My Business listing for your law firm is super important because it will include the most important details you want your potential clients to know about you (name, phone number, address…) and we can’t stress out enough that all details should be accurate.

Without further ado, here is what you need to do to get your Google My Business account up and running:

1- Create your Google Account

or enter your Google My Business login if you already have an existing one.

2- Go to Google.com/business

Then click “Manage Now”

3- Enter the name of your IP Law Firm

Autocomplete name suggestions will help you find your existing business to avoid duplication. The function will also allow you to add a new Google My Business profile if you opened a new location of your existing Law Firm.

4- Add the Exact Location of your Business

Enter the accurate address of your business.

Enter your exact location on the provided map.

Then answer this question

The fill these blanks with the number that you want your potential clients to call you on. You can also include your website so that they can see what your law firm has to offer.

Then you need to verify your ownership of the selected address in order for Google to validate it as your business’s own.

After selecting the verification method and setting up the verification process, you need to provide your working hours accurately for potential clients to know when they can contact you.

Then, you need to set up the messaging option for clients to be able to send you messages on your Google My Business account.

The next step is a description that you provide about your Intellectual property law firm and what exactly it has to offer. This is your opportunity to introduce the law firm and highlight how it can help its potential clients.

Then, you can add photos of your offices or a brochure that includes your offers or anything that you find introductory and helpful to promote your law firm.

In the final steps, Google will show you how your local listing will appear to searchers, it will also propose a 30$ advertising credit that you can use.

Then you will get this and by clicking “Continue”, you will be redirected to your Google My Business’s dashboard to start managing your listing and promoting it.


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